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The KNGHA has decided to run a special on parent proven horses, in order to encourage the registration of offspring's. The association's goal is to preserve this horse through the means of DNA testing and to become an established breed. University of Kentucky reports that 5 generations of DNA testing is necessary to have the sample size needed to become a breed. We are well on our way to meeting this goal but there are numerous horses out there that could be registered parent proven. To be considered for parent proven a horse must have at least one parent registered with KNGHA and DNA testing conducted.

Registration Fess:   Geldings - $40 (no DNA required)                    Mares - $75 (Foundation)                 Stallions (Foundation) -$75


Generation Special For Parent Proven Horses:


2nd Generation - $60                    3rd Generation - $55                    4th Generation - $50                    5th Generation - $45







High Point winners this year will receive an award of $200.00. This award is for all 5 divisions: TRAIL PLEASURE, COUNTRY PLEASURE, SHOW STYLE PLEASURE, KY STYLE RACK & STYLE PLEASURE.

Anyone showing in High Point classes must present registration papers at each show, also the owner & rider must be active members.





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