Kentucky Natural Gaited

Horse Association

Welcome to Kentucky Natural Gaited Horse Association

The KNGHA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the Kentucky Natural Gaited Horse of Eastern Kentucky. 

The Kentucky Natural Gaited Horse, also known as the KY Saddler or Country Saddle Horse, is a naturally gaited breed dating back to the early settlers and Civil War era.

Our ancestors took great pride in nurturing the qualities that set this breed apart from others, primarily their sure footed trail abilities and gentle disposition. The KNGHA is devoted to protecting this legendary bloodline through breeding for the “true” qualities of the old Kentucky Natural Gaited Horse. We are committed to preserving, promoting and showing this breed.

Come, join us in our endeavor. Become a part of the legacy of the Kentucky Natural Gaited Horse.

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Who We Are

The Kentucky Natural Gaited Horse Association is a recognized breed and registry dedicated to promoting, preserving, & enhancing the breeding & showing of the breed of horse know to be from the bloodline of the original Kentucky Natural Gaited Horse. This horse has taken on many names throughout its history. Some of these names include: the Kentucky Saddler, Country Saddler, Country Pleasure Horse, Mixed Gaited Horse, Mountain Horse and the Kentucky Natural Gaited Horse. 

This association is dedicated to protecting the legacy of this legendary “old” gaited bloodline. Formed in 2000 the KNGHA is a not-for-profit organization registered & incorporated in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Foundation books are now open for registration of the natural gaited horse.

Interested in becoming an Examiner for KNGHA? Contact Nelson Francis, Lead Examiner @859-595-5543 for an application.